Jon’s Haiku Reviews (part 2)

Bob Denver, look out!
Three-Finger and Saw-Tooth live
in West Virginia.
Wrong Turn (2003)
In the first slasher,
Leigh dies first. Bates is in drag.
There’s no final girl.
Psycho (1960)
I prefer Jason’s
knife and mask, but the raft scene
is Savini’s best.

3 Responses to Jon’s Haiku Reviews (part 2)

  1. Patrick says:

    An education
    spent well review, comment
    Wrong turn in haiku

    Rotten Tomato
    says this one a stinker
    Avoid this one ok?

  2. Jon says:

    Patrick, I agree with your hip haiku rift. I gave Wrong Turn three stars, but that was really a gift. There’s much about the film that I like, and it has some good moments of gore and scary fun. Sometimes Corey convinces me that it’s a good film. But, honestly, there are far, far better films that depict rural American in a grotesquly narrow and stereotypical fashion. Deliverance, for example. Or 1974’s Gator Bait.

  3. Corey says:

    [i]wrong turn[/i] is a classic. atmospheric, disturbing and violent… featuring the always-watchable jeremy sisto, the oh-so-spunky eliza dushku and some of the better makeup work from stan winston’s company. not to mention the cinematography from [i]lost[/i] and [i]the x-files[/i] (including the best episode evar, [i]jose chung’s from outer space[/i]). it’s a beautiful film to watch… unlike its unfortunate sequel. maybe not as good as [i]texas chainsaw[/i], but certainly a better horror film than [i]deliverance[/i].

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