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Horror DVD Releases – Week of March 29th, 2009

after two weeks of nada, we finally get some horror releases this week. and most of them look interesting (well, except maybe Ogre). timecrimes and cthulhu look particularly promising. this week also sees the release of the eight after dark … Continue reading

Let the Right One In Subtitle Cluster-F

[lastest updates at bottom of post] over the past few days there has been quite the uproar over the american release of the stunningly beautiful vampire film let the right one in. the website first broke the story, comparing … Continue reading

Harper’s Island – The first slasher film television series?

i can’t think of any precedent for harper’s island, a show that cbs will soon start airing. freddy’s nightmares and friday the 13th: the series leap to mind as possible candidates, but while those were television shows based on existing … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of March 24th, 2009

yet another week of slim pickin’s for dvd releases in the horror genre. while technically a better week than last (since it does not feature any films where vampires sparkle like Goldschläger in the sunlight), this is still one of … Continue reading

Splatter: Naked Blood and Botched

Splatter: Naked Blood (1996) is about a young scientist who invents a new kind of painkiller. The first problem with it is that it works by turning pain into pleasure. The second problem is that he tests it on unsuspecting … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of March 17th, 2009

what an absolutely crappy week for horror dvds. last week’s pick of the week was let the right one in — and now i’m reduced to having to pick twilight? really? if the other two didn’t look so unpromising, i … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

“His name was Jason… and today… was his birthday.” Happy Birthday, Jason! And Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!

James & Nathan Make a Porno plus Zombie Product Placement

james gunn (slither director and dawn of the dead (2004) scribe) has taken to creating porn films – minus the porn. pg porn is a film series of pornos that is heavy on the bad acting and light on the … Continue reading

His Name Was Jason Contest Winner

a few weeks ago i promised to give a free copy of the friday the 13th documentary his name was jason to the person who sent me the best friday the 13th related… anything. well, all the ‘anythings’ have been … Continue reading

Zombie Girl: The Movie

just heard about this documentary today — cannot wait to see it. trailer below and more info at while the documentary is not currently on dvd, the film that it chronicles (pathogen) is. you can order it for the … Continue reading