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greetings and welcome to evil on two legs dot com. it’s likely you have two questions for me right now. 1) what is this site and 2) why’s it called that? shockingly, i have the answers to both those questions and i present them to you in a particular order (the order you asked).

evilontwolegs.com was originally launched in 2001 as a site dedicated to slasher films on dvd. after a short-lived run as a site mainly cataloging reviews and information about such films, i am now resurrecting it as a blog (a format that barely existed in 2001). my friend jon and i (and maybe a few other guest writers) will discuss various aspects of the horror genre. the focus will primarily be on slasher films and their impact over the last 30 odd years, but given our varying interests i can foresee us frequently veering off topic for various excursions into other aspects of the genre. i’m just an average horror enthusiast with little formal training in film criticism and an over-fondness for ellipses and lower-case letters, so there’s no real reason you should listen to what i have to say – but maybe you’ll you’ll give me a chance anyway. jon holds a PhD and currently teaches literature and film studies, so you’ll want to pay close attention when he speaks as there may be a pop quiz. he’s also a talented writer, which might help as well.

as for the name of this site… in halloween 4: the return of michael myers, dr. loomis utters these cryptic words:

We’re not talking about any ordinary prisoner! We are talking about evil on two legs.

as the series wore on, loomis resorted to sillier and sillier descriptions of michael’s inhumanity, but this one always stuck with me… at least partially because it opens the door to consideration of all sorts of new types of evil such as evil on one leg, evil on a pogo stick, evil on a tricycle, etc.

in the coming weeks we hope to present several new articles and discussions on horror films and related topics, so i hope you’ll check them out and leave us some comments letting us know what you think. tonite is the release of rob zombie’s halloween, so i imagine we’ll start with some impressions of that once we’ve seen it. after that i have a detailed look at the many faces of jason voorhees in the works, a look at the so-called video nasties from the UK in the early 80s and quite a few more ideas i’ll keep to myself for now. i’m not sure what jon and others may have up their sleeves, but i’m sure we’ll all discover soon enough. until then…

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