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The Faces of Jason Voorhees: A Visual History Part I

i heart friday the 13th. my love of these films is largely illogical. i was first introduced to them twenty years ago, which i think explains my affection to a degree. there’s something special about the films you see in … Continue reading

Nazi Zombies!

i recently came across a rather amazing book, shock! horror!: astounding artwork from the video nasty era. i think i’m fairly knowledgeable of ’70s and ’80s horror, but it appears i missed a rather interesting piece of history from the … Continue reading

The Hair of Halloween (2007)

danielle harris then & now, bloody & non-bloody given the name of this site, it seems fitting that the first real entry be about halloween. the 1978 version is my favorite film, so i was anxious to see what rob … Continue reading


When looking for a phrase to summarize the spirit of slasher films, I’ve always been partial to “death on a cracker” (from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2). I even tried to convince Corey to name this blog after Chop Top’s … Continue reading