Video Nasties – Monsters Edition

a few weeks ago we featured an article showcasing some of the video artwork from the so-called ‘video nasty’ era (see my previous article or wikipedia for historical context). well, it’s time to take a look at some more covers … and this time it’s all monster movies! please click the covers for larger versions (which will amaze and astound you by popping up in an ultra-cool overlay window).

if the werewolf is this terrifying, we can only imagine what the yeti looks like. i thought this was romantic comedy until i saw that the two title characters will be involved in ‘deadly combat.’

i really want to know what this guy is looking at that’s got him so riled up. also… does that woman have three arms?

i just love this film’s title. i’m also quite fond of the likeness of the snowman… he seems to be saying “hey, sorry about your picture frame, friend. this light just got in my eye and i lost my footing… i’ll clean it right up.” also… um… i question the intelligence of the college students mentioned given their apparent choice of geographic areas to conduct their search for a yeti. i haven’t seen this film but i’m certain it contains a scene where the college kids are confronted by a group of criminals who ask “what are you doing here on our island?” to which the kids undoubtedly reply… “looking for the abominable snowman.”

this cover really isn’t all that bad, although neither the ‘land of the lost’ homage nor the monster with jazz hands makes me want to go search this film out.

rarely do you hear the phrase ‘sir run run shaw presents inseminoid.’ i’m not sure what’s going on in that picture, but i’m sure it’s scandalous. i question the yellow ‘x’ that seems out of place (is that part of the title or the rating?)… and in particular, i’m annoyed by the poor use of pronouns as our alien cassanova goes from a ‘he’ to an ‘it’ in the same sentence.

sandy cobe seems a bit pretentious to demand his own badly drawn trapezoid, but apart from that… i like this cover.

that ‘n’ should really be capitalized. also… JOHN AGAR.

i suppose they called it that because this was already taken.

the guy in this picture seems more interested in that girl’s frazetta-esque derriere than in the giant blue occult barrier about to smoosh him.

i actually own this film. those teeth are pretty cool. the movie is not.

there are few people in my life that i trust enough to watch beast with.
be glad you are not one of them.

generally considered one of the few films to actually deserve its inclusion on the nasty list, this is the description i found of this film’s plot…

gruesome killing & cannibalism including stomping on the bellies of pregnant women so as to snack on their fetuses. as a finale, the beast dies after eating his own intestines.

andy warhol once said, “the only thing scarier than udo kier is udo kier with a heart on a pike.”

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