Monthly Archives: December 2007

Jon’s 10 Favorite Vampires

*click images to enlarge* 10. Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula (from Dracula, 1931, directed by Todd Browning) While I haven’t listed my favorite vampires in any particular order, I couldn’t possibly begin any such list without first paying tribute to … Continue reading

DVD Commentary Tracks That Don’t Suck

i love dvd commentaries. my decision to buy a dvd is often based simply on whether there’s a commentary track… largely because even if the film sucks (as most of the ones i buy do), the commentary might still be … Continue reading

The Mist

“the long walk” is my favorite stephen king story, but “the mist” is a close second. so i was prepped and ready to hate the film version when i went to see it this weekend. surprisingly, my preparation was in … Continue reading

Review of THE HAND (1981)

note: this article was written for the final girl film club. see more reviews of “the hand” there… as well as all the other fantabulous-ness that is stacie’s final girl blog. corey’s review… sometimes you know what kind of movie … Continue reading