Monthly Archives: January 2008

Video Nasties – Slasher Edition

in our third article covering artwork from the video nasty era, i’m taking a look at slasher films. click images for larger versions. for background info and more covers, check out our previous entries. video nasties: zombie edition video nasties: … Continue reading

Somebody Help Me (2007)

corey’s review… code black entertainment was kind enough to invite evilontwolegs to a screening of (and additionally supply dvd copies of) the recently released slasher somebody help me. reviews of the low-budget thriller have ranged from oddly fervid (slasherpool) to … Continue reading

Jon’s Review of Suspiria (1977)

Note: This entry was written for the Final Girl film club.See more reviews of Suspiria there, courtesy of Stacie’s Final Girl blog. The plot of Suspiria can be effectively summarized by the title of my favorite Warren Zevon song – … Continue reading

Corey’s 11 Favorite Werewolves

*click images to enlarge**click text links for images* of all the classic movie monsters, i’ve always felt the werewolf to be the least well represented in modern cinema. while abundant, the visual representations of lycanthropes in movies have usually left … Continue reading