Fan Art Field Trip: Halloween

twice now we’ve gone on safari into the often bizarre but always fascinating world of slasher film fan art (see here and here). in the near future we’ll be looking into similar artistic endeavors related to an american werewolf in london, re-animator and others… but today it’s time to look at the character for whom this site is named, my favorite of the classic slashers — halloween‘s michael myers.

by ~ inkchocobo

starting off with a bang, here’s an unsurprising homo-erotic depiction of freddy, michael and jason enjoying some time off at the beach. the artist explains that freddy is flexing, michael was about to attack him until a dolphin bonked him and jason is left alone on the shore with a flower. some questions though… why does michael have a spear? why does jason have a flower? is that really the best beach background you could find? and, perhaps most importantly… why would someone be compelled to draw this?

Lets have a closer look..
by ~ Moesph

following a similar romantic theme is this rather unique idea of what a michael vs. jason film would be like. the artist explains his vision…

“michael’s burying his head into Jason’s manly boobs- er I mean pecs.

had nothing to do at my grandma’s.”

Halloween Michael Myers Mask
by ~ Nooperz

all too often the myers mask looks nonthreatening or just ‘off’ somehow (particularly after the first film). in this pencil sketch, it looks perfect.

Sleeping Myers. . .
by ~ Alptrauma

an interpretative, emotional and strangely beautiful rendering of michael…

Ghost Attempt – Michael Myers
by ~ thedemogorgon

what’s going on here, exactly? all i can figure is michael is looking for a christmas tree while marty mcfly is having trouble getting his mom and dad together at the ‘enchantment under the sea’ dance.

by ~ masterofstickmen

isn’t this just a screenshot from the film with the default settings on the photoshop texturizer filter?

Chibi Myers Desktop Wallpaper
by * darkravenofchaos

i have to admit it… that’s kinda adorable. this is one of my favorites.

by ~ SarshelYam

a striking, simple and unique take on halloween. this is exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to find when i began looking into fan art for these posts. not and endless parade of ‘michael and jason making out,’ ‘michael as a sexy cat,’ ‘michael as a woman,’ etc..

FMJ -_-
by ~ MzMorgana

speaking of which… here’s how the artist describes this piece.

“ahhah.. This might be a bit weird. I dunno, I have this thing about drawing male chars I love as females.. It’s not very well done, I did it on a school lesson kinda fast.”

by ~ pennyonthericher

michael in a dress. you may be asking, “why is a drawing of michael myers in a dress titled ‘snickers’?” well, the artist explains that’s because they found the snickers super bowl commercial really funny. makes perfect sense to me.

Michael Myers Dragon
by ~ RaptorBarry

this 14 year old artist is actually really pretty good. apparently this was requested, so one can’t really blame the artist for the subject matter… but that leaves me wondering for what purpose a person requests a picture of michael myers as a blue dragon wearing a purple shirt?

by ~ CannibalWeasel

you can’t make this kind of stuff up. yes, that’s michael myers as a skunk nuzzling up to a predator. the description of this piece is:

“Please… Don’t hurt me for this!!”

Trick… or Treat?
by * monroeart

did the world really need this? can’t you people just depict michael myers in a normal, healthy way — you know, like cutting up teenagers with a kitchen knife?

They say he hunts on Halloween
by * Kristehvampire

this is not only disturbing, but exemplifies really unsafe pumpkin carving technique.

JasonxMichael2 by MzMorgana
by ~ Hack-N-Slash-Club

the artist creepily critiques his own work in the description of this one…

What I like: See for yourself.
What I dislike: I don’t want michael to be feminine, and I don’t want Jason to be a perv.

Lethal Love
by ~ LasCamisasDeRayas

here we have the shape and annie wilkes (stephen king’s misery) married and expecting. john carpenter and rob reiner should hop on this idea quick…

by ~ Ztian

i know the shape doesn’t speak, but looking at this i can’t help but imagine him talking. take your fists and push on your cheeks from each side, towards your mouth so it’s all squooshy. now say ‘nom nom nom’ really loud… that’s kinda what i imagine him saying here.

Michael Ref. Sheet – UPDATE
by ~ data-7-panther-dude

sheesh… not another anatomically correct portrait of michael myers as a mixed-breed cat wearing gold earrings.

michael myers
by ~ fhghghjh

i chose this one just because the text made me laugh.

he’s come. and when he’s come… you die!

Michael vs. Elvis
by ~ evilchibiminion

one of my favorite of the ‘cute’ caricatures i’ve seen, i absolutely love how michael is depicted here in cartoon form. apparently this was drawn by request for a t-shirt, and again i’m left wondering what need someone had for this exact scenario be depicted visually. maybe something for a halloween and bubba ho-tep film festival?

Michael Myers .. I guess..
by * XxXAzucarXxX

this is what michael might look like if he showed up on the cartoon network. i like how fantastically mischievous he looks…

Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers
by ~ planedreamer

this reminds me of the scene where the guy gets nailed to the kitchen wall and michael looks at him puzzled, like he’s not quite sure why his toy stopped moving. here michael looks defeated, unsatisfied and a little sad, despite obviously having just killed. in a lot of ways, this is better than the remake that inspired it.

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