New Logo and Super Fun Contest Time

hopefully you’ve noticed that eo2l has undergone a bit of a face-lift, with the most notable change being our spiffy new logo. the caricatures of michael myers and laurie strode were drawn by a promising new artist by the enigmatic name of Raven (her deviant art page). we’re so enamored with her ultra-cute version of everyone’s favorite fall season slasher, we’ve commissioned her for some more images for the site.

jon and i liked the logo so much that we’ve decided to have it printed on a few t-shirts and miscellaneous items through zazzle. i’m not arrogant enough to think there’s a huge market for items related to this blog, but i do think the halloween caricatures are just so damn cute that maybe one or two of you would be interested in seeing the storefront i put together for jon and myself. after all, if final girl, notlp or anchorwoman in peril had a t-shirt, i’d want to see it. below is a nifty flash panel, or you can see the entire store at

in addition to showing you the store, we’ve also decided to give a few items away for free in our name-that-movie-super-amazing-fun-time contest!

as you may have noticed, we have a little slideshow of images from various horror films running in our sidebar. i’ve taken eighteen of those and listed them below. all you need to do is email, naming the film that each of the images comes from. please number your answers and state the full title, including sequel number. the person with the highest number correct will receive a free item of their choice (t-shirt, mousepad, mug) from our store and a copy of clive barker’s jericho for the xbox360 (or, how about a pinhead action figure if you don’t have a 360?). in the case of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random.

edit: we’re receiving some very accurate entries, but so far no one has gotten every one right, so don’t think just because you don’t know ever single one means you couldn’t win. we’ll also be supplying additional prizes to some of the runners-up, so get those entries in. :)


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