Horror DVD Releases – Week of March 24th, 2009

yet another week of slim pickin’s for dvd releases in the horror genre. while technically a better week than last (since it does not feature any films where vampires sparkle like Goldschl├Ąger in the sunlight), this is still one of the worst weeks for horror dvds in recent memory. not only are there only two dvds to mention — but both are scifi channel (syfy channel, if you’re trendy) original films. i’m making snakehead terror my pick of the week partly because it is getting surprisingly good reviews on netflix, but mostly because ‘snakehead terror’ is just a bitchin’ name for a film.

(descriptions from netflix)

Locusts: The 8th Plague (2005)
A secret scientific experiment to create a breed of locusts designed to protect farmers’ crops goes horribly awry when the genetically engineered insects escape the laboratory and launch a killing spree across the Midwest. After he loses a colleague to a swarm of locusts, pesticide developer Colt Anderson (Dan Cortese) leads a team of scientists in an effort to contain the disaster before the deaths start piling up across the entire country.

Pick of the Week

Snakehead Terror (2004)
When Snakehead’s fishing industry is hit by dire economic times due to the depleting yield, local officials decide to dump human growth hormones into the town’s lake, hoping the move will boost fish production. Unfortunately for the townspeople, the ill-fated decision leads to the creation of a species of flesh-devouring, land-traveling mutant fish with a taste for blood. Bruce Boxleitner and Carol Alt star in this Sci-Fi Channel thriller.

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