Horror DVD Releases – Week of April 7th, 2009

a few decent looking releases this week, although i’m still working my way through the after dark horrorfest films from last week. i’ll be sure to make time for shuttle this week though, because it looks really interesting. hopefully i can find some time soon for the rest — let me know if any are particularly worth checking out.

(descriptions from netflix)

Baseline Killer (2008)
Two homicidal predators target a group of women in a warehouse on Phoenix’s Baseline Avenue. Keeping their victims captive, the killers terrorize the women, then begin murdering them one by one. Horror maestro Ulli Lommel directs this film, which is loosely based on the true story of the Baseline Killer who operated along a stretch of Baseline Road in south Phoenix between 2005 and 2006.

Disturbed (2007)
After helping to convict a deranged killer and rapist, the Fontaine family rests easy. But terror soon reigns when the serial murderer escapes and returns for revenge. Now, their worst nightmare is at their door. But his attack turns one of the hunted into the hunter — with a thirst for revenge of her own. Randy Aldridge directs this independent thriller starring Melissa Deverian, Lisa Coldwell and Gary Slayton.

Swamp Devil (2008)
Upon returning to her Southern hometown, Melanie (Cindy Sampson) learns that her father, Howard (Bruce Dern), is wanted for murder and on the run. As she tries to prove Howard’s innocence, a vile creature emerges from the nearby swamp intent on murdering everyone. Also starring Nicolas Wright, Robert Higden and Allison Graham, this horror film uniquely blends grisly murders with a positive message about family values.

The Death Factory: Bloodletting (2008)
Desperate to determine who brutally murdered her daughter, Ana (Claudia Vargas) infiltrates a group of bloodthirsty psychopaths who meet in an abandoned warehouse, where they plan to witness the torture and execution of an innocent victim. But soon, the tables are turned on this gruesome group of deviants. Noah Todd and Michelle Mousel co-star in this ultragrisly horror film from director Sean Tretta.

Donkey Punch (2008)
In a coastal Mediterranean paradise, seven people take their nonstop party from a nightclub to a luxury yacht far out to sea. When one of them mysteriously dies in a freak accident, the others come to blows over how to deal with the situation. As tensions rise, betrayal and anger emerge, and the six passengers turn against one another in a desperate battle of wills.

Dark Secrets (2008)
When a celebrity couple’s daughter goes missing, everyone — including the police — believes a serial killer is the culprit. The truth, however, is not so cut-and-dried. With no clues or ransom note, detectives must look to old demons for answers. Alex Walker plays Alex Blight, a paparazzo whose knowledge and connections raise suspicions, and Steven Elliot and Ben Shockley play the detectives assigned to the case in this taught thriller.

House (2008)
Trying to recover from the nearly marriage-breaking stress following the death of their child, Jack (Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie (Heidi Dippold) spontaneously take off on a road trip. But when their car breaks down in a remote area, they find themselves in a horrific nightmare. Seeking shelter in a house, they soon realize that more danger lurks inside than outside in this spine-chiller based on Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti’s best-seller.

Tokyo Zombie (2005)
While training to fulfill their dreams of being jujitsu champions, Fujio (Tadanobu Asano) and Mitsuo (Shô Aikawa) work in a fire extinguisher factory. But when a mob of zombies suddenly invade Tokyo, they’ll have to employ their limited fighting skills to battle the undead. They soon join with other zombie fighters to try to reclaim the city. Directed by Sakichi Sato, this Japanese zombie-movie satire is based on the manga by Yusaku Hanakuma.

Vinyan (2008)
Paul (Rufus Sewell) and Jeanne (Emmanuelle Béart) lost their young son, Joshua, in the 2004 tsunami, and cling to the hope that one day they’ll find him. Believing she sees Josh in a brief video of orphaned children, Jeanne convinces Paul to undertake a rescue mission. The couple spends the last of their savings on a journey into the jungles of the Thai-Burmese border, where unknown threats await them. Fabrice Du Welz directs this dark odyssey.

Pick of the Week

Shuttle (2008)
Hitching a ride on the airport shuttle seems like the safest option for weary friends Mel (Peyton List) and Jules (Cameron Goodman), who find themselves stranded late at night after flying back from a girls-only vacation in Mexico. That is, until their short drive home descends into a one-way trip to hell. As captive passengers they’re now at the mercy of a terrifying driver (Tony Curran) with an unknown agenda, and no exit in sight.

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