Horror DVD Releases – Week of July 21th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009)
To protect his crops and his family’s livelihood, North Dakota farmer John (Norman Reedus) erects a fearsome scarecrow, which turns out to be cursed. As the malevolent entity wreaks havoc on his life, John struggles to maintain his sanity and defend his loved ones. Directed by Martin Barnewitz, this terrifying prequel to the horror movie The Messengers co-stars Matthew McNulty, Claire Holt and Heather Stephens.

Ted Bundy (2008)
Based on the true story of Ted Bundy (Corin Nemec), the serial killer who horrified America in the 1970s by slaughtering women across the country, this drama traces the life of the “charming” psychopath. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, Bundy goes on a four-year killing spree. He escapes twice from custody before his final capture and eventual execution. Kane Hodder co-stars as a prison warden.

Skeleton Crew (2009)
Decades after a sinister psychiatrist murdered his patients and captured the grisly acts on film, a small movie crew returns to the now-shuttered mental institution to shoot a thriller based on the actual events. But when the original snuff films are found, the script gets a grisly rewrite. Mesmerized by the shocking footage, director Steven (Steve Porter) vows to make his film more real and gives every crew member a role to die for.

Ghost Month (2007)
In a bid to escape her nutso ex-boyfriend, Jacob, Alyssa (Marina Resa) takes a housekeeping gig at a remote Southwestern home. But her retreat coincides with the Chinese calendar’s seventh month, when dead souls allegedly raise hell among the mortal world. Skeptical Alyssa isn’t convinced by the warnings of her Chinese employers (Shirley To and Akiko Shima) until she starts having nightmarish visions in this creepy horror extravaganza.

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