Horror DVD Releases – Week of August 11th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

The Wild Man of the Navidad (2008)
Directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks put a 1970s spin on this modern horror tale filmed in vintage, B-movie style and inspired by the real-life journals of Dale S. Rogers, a small-town Texan who documented the titular “wild man” of local legend. With the mysterious creature lurking in the nearby woods, no one in the small town of Sublime is safe — not even the bravest of the brave. Can the humans tame the wild man, or will the wild man win?

The Crypt (2009)
In this chilling thriller, six friends descend into underground crypts to steal jewelry and other valuables from the Depression-era remains. But they soon discover that the dead won’t give up their treasures without a gruesome fight. Trapped in the deep dark catacombs, the six struggle to stay alive among the dead and find a way out of their living hell. Sarah Oh, Delaina Stevens and Cristen Irene star.

Cowboy Killer (2008)
Deranged cowboy drifter Roy Thompson (Paul Bailey) arrives in a small town and immediately begins savagely murdering the locals. The carnage runs at full throttle as the town’s citizens try to figure out how to defend themselves against the folksy killer. The posse that gathers to take Roy out comprises a colorful crowd, including a couple of bitter ex-cops, a high school jock, a stripper and even the group’s own serial killer.

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