Why Dogs Hate Halloween

halloween is, by far, my favorite of the holidays, which (given that i run a horror website) is probably no big shock to you. what you may not know is that, in addition to my love of all things horror, i’m also a dog person. i try not to combine my love of all hallow’s eve with my dog-friendliness because i respect the dignity of my pets and never almost never force them into ridiculous halloween masks or costumes. not everyone shares this view when it comes to their dogs, however. people dress their dogs up in all kinds of spectacularly dumb and occasionally awesome halloween attire… and sometimes they take pictures. below you’ll find a slideshow of the best, worst, silliest, cutest, awesomest, stupidest and/or most disturbing dog halloween costumes i could find. sorry cat people — only dogs are allowed here at eo2l. if you want cats, go bug famed horror critic scott weinberg, and see if you can talk him into dressing up jones.

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