Horror DVD Releases – Week of November 17th, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy)

Train (2008)
College athlete Alex (Thora Birch) and her teammates are in for one hell of a ride when, after a night of heavy partying, they miss a train to their next meet in Europe and unwittingly accept alternate transport from a stranger — with deadly consequences. The international gore-fest from director Gideon Raff (The Killing Floor) was shot in Bulgaria and takes bloody inspiration from a rash of news reports about real crimes in Eastern Europe.

Thirst (2009)
When the smoke clears from a failed experiment to find a cure for a fatal disease, a devout priest finds himself forever changed. Specifically, he’s a vampire — but that isn’t the only thing that’s different. Now he’s also willing to commit adultery with the wife of his childhood friend, a sin he never would have considered before. Kang-ho Song, Ha-kyun Shin and Ok-bin Kim co-star in this horror offering from Korean director Chan-wook Park.

Vampire Party (2008)
Equal parts Airplane! and Shaun of the Dead, this vampire spoof finds friends Sam Polisatokoniminsky (Patrick Mille), Alice (Frédérique Bel) and Prune (Julie Fournier) invited to a party at a rural mansion. Too late, they discover that they’re on the evening’s menu for their bloodsucking hosts. As merriment turns to mayhem, the trio encounters a plethora of bizarre situations (and groan-inducing sight gags) in their attempt to escape.

Basement Jack (2008)
Eleven years after slaying fifteen people including his own mother, serial killer Jack Riley sets out to finish what he started in this low-budget slasher opus. Jack Riley was just seventeen years old when he embarked on the brutal killing spree that earned him the dubious nickname Basement Jack. Eleven years later Jack’s still dangerous as ever, and he’s about to be released from the state asylum.

Penance (2009)
Inspired by actual events, Days of Darkness director\co-screenwriter Jake Kennedy’s sophomore shocker tells the story of single mother Amelia (Marieh Delfino), who turns to stripping as a means of making ends meet and winds up the unwilling subject of a grim purification ritual. When sexy dancer Suzy takes a beating that leaves her unable to perform, she asks Amelia to cover her latest gig. Reluctantly accepting so her friend can convalesce, Amelia begins to grow uneasy when her driver (Tony Todd) taxis her to a dark and remote location. Once inside, Amelia finds herself imprisoned with a number of other unchaste women by a sadistic captor (Graham McTavish) who uses various torture methods to rid them of their impurities.

Bangkok Haunted (2001)
Join horror specialists Oxide Pang (The Eye) and Pisuth Praesang-lam for a terrifying trip into the unknown in this frightful collection of three skin-crawling tales that are sure to give viewers more than a few sleepless nights. When an antiques dealer discovers an ancient instrument that appears to open a gateway between two worlds, she soon finds that you may never truly know yourself as well as you think you do in “Legend of the Drum.” An aphrodisiac that claims to be the most potent way of attracting the opposite sex around proves more effective than a customer ever imagined in the cautionary tale “Black Magic Woman,” and a haunted police cadet in search of the truth behind a young girl’s suicide finds that some mysteries are better left unsolved in “Revenge.”

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