Horror DVD Releases – Week of November 24th, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy)

The Silent Scream (1980)
Terror floods the screen in this stylish classic from the golden age of slasher films. College student Scotty Parker (Rebecca Balding) becomes a boarder with the Engels family and soon learns that a murderer resides in their creepy mansion. After other students are killed, Scotty grows more and more fearful of Mrs. Engels (Yvonne De Carlo) and her son. Two policemen race to stop the slayings, but will they be in time to save Scotty?

Blood Moon Rising (2009)
Adult-film legend Ron Jeremy headlines this horror flick about an army of evil beings who rise from hell at the behest of the devil’s daughter, Lucy. Now, the fate of the world rests in the hands of Lucy’s hippie great-great-granddaughter, Sadie. With comic-book geek Darrell (Neal Trout) by her side, Sadie battles zombies, vampires and other creepy creatures. Laurie Love does double duty playing Lucy and Sadie.

Reborn (2009)
When a newlywed couple buys a foreclosed house in the Arizona desert, they think they’ve found their dream home. But this is no ordinary house: It was once the site of gruesome murders by the half-machine serial killer Motorman Dan. Too late, they learn that Motorman’s bloody rampage is far from over. Jimmy Flowers returns as the mechanical monstrosity in this sequel that also stars David C. Hayes, Davina Joy, Kathleen Benner and Kevin Moyers.

The Witches Hammer (2006)
Top secret Project 571 brings Rebecca (Claudia Coulter) back from death, turning her into a vampire assassin tasked with killing other vampires. But when a gang of the undead destroys Project 571, Rebecca fights to keep the souls of the damned off the earth. Joining forces with two priests, she must kill master vampire Hugo Renoir before he releases the damned souls and forces earth into eternal darkness in this horror adventure.

Devil Girl (2007)
Following her dad’s death, daring damsel Fay (Jessica Graham) motors down Route 66 until a mechanical problem strands her in a small town. While trying to fix her car, Fay endures nightmarish ordeals with several creepy locals, including one highly disturbing clown (Joe Wanjai Ross). Full of non-stop thrills, this fast-paced horror movie co-stars Vanessa Kay, Tim Abell, Willow Hale and Elina Madison.

House of Fears (2007)
Unrest star Corri English headlines this haunted house shocker about a group of teens forced to confront their most primal fears. All they wanted was to experience a cheap thrill or two by exploring a house that was said to be haunted, but after discovering an exotic artifact these six teens will become trapped in a labyrinthine house of unimaginable horrors. Will anyone be left to tell their horrifying tale when the morning sun ascends over the horizon, or could this evil be powerful enough to consume them all body and soul?

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