Horror DVD Releases – Week of November 3rd, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

Dark Mirror (2007)
After moving into a strange old house with her husband and son, Deborah (Lisa Vidal) discovers a mysterious mirror that does more than just cast a reflection. A door to an alternate reality, the mirror awakens a dark side in Deborah that she can’t control. Co-starring David Chisum, Christine Lakin, Joshua Pelegrin and Lupe Ontiveros, this psychological thriller is directed and co-written by Pablo Proenza.

The Fugue (2009)
Tormented by the memories of a traumatic incident from her childhood, struggling artist Nora Dunn (Rosie Sowa) longs to put her past behind her. But when the specter of her deceased friend begins to visit her, Nora fears the worst is yet to come. Written, directed and produced by Paul Awad, this supernatural thriller also stars Tony Nam as Dan Tsang, the dogged detective determined to help Nora find some peace.

Night Watcher (2008)
Devastated by her mother’s suicide, teenage Angela (Allison Tyler) begins attending grief counseling, where she’s befriended by Brian (Zack Stewart). But Angela’s new beginning takes a dark turn when she receives a chilling videotape documenting her mother’s last days. Convinced that she’s being stalked, and suspicious of the rash of suicides plaguing her hometown, Angela learns that the truth is more horrible than she could have imagined.

The Stragglers (2004)
While investigating a string of supernatural occurrences in the mountains of Georgia, Dr. Elaine Krauss (Amy Holt) and a team of research scientists attempt to pinpoint the cause of several grisly murders and protect themselves from becoming the next victims. Co-starring Dave R. Watkins, Michael D. Friedman and Chris Burns, this unnerving horror film bounces back and forth between the past and present, leaving viewers constantly on edge.

Sand Serpents (2009)
While carrying out a combat mission overseas, an elite group of soldiers (led by Jason Gedrick) comes face to face with the Taliban — and a deadly underground network of giant serpents that make their home in the hot desert sand. The soldiers catch a break when the serpents cleanly devour their terrorist captors. But the minute they’re set free, they jump headfirst into a hard-fought battle for their lives.

Mutants (2008)
When a ruthless corporate-sponsored scientist develops an additive designed to make ordinary sugar wildly addictive, the chemical mutates his imprisoned test subjects into savage, bloodthirsty zombies. Now, the corporation’s crack security team must contain the threat before the mutants escape and the poisoned sugar gets into the mainstream food supply. Michael Ironside and Steven Bauer star in this horror thriller from director Amir Valinia.

Gravestoned (2009)
Eager to make a low-budget horror film, unemployed pot farmers Shark (Joe Glass) and Coltrane (Ivan Jones) saw off the arm of a cadaver to use as a prop, but their “half-baked” plan backfires when the zombie wants his arm back. Before long, our heroes are caught up in a trippy adventure with a gorgeous actress, a cadaver salesmen, cheerleaders with a secret, a cannibal redneck and a lusty dog in this stoner-centric horror comedy.

Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008)
A top-secret U.S. government agency stages a biological weapons exercise in a Maryland town with horrific results: The toxic gas that’s released turns all who breathe it into zombies, who then set about infecting the rest of the town. Finally, only six residents are left standing, holed up together in a movie theater preparing to make a last stand against the undead. Director Gary Ugarek follows up his earlier gore epic Deadlands: The Rising.

Contagio (2009)
In this low-budget thriller shot in just a week, a couple’s camping retreat turns into an emergency evacuation when a satellite rams into the earth not far from where they’ve pitched their tent, releasing a toxic cloud in the process. Cursing the government — which claimed to have destroyed the satellite — Calvin (Luc Bernier) and Iris (Isabelle Stephen) now find themselves fleeing for their lives.

Beast Within (2008)
Terror catapults onto the screen as a new form of avian flu turns its unsuspecting victims into voracious zombies. Pleasure-seeking 20-somethings partying in a remote mansion must then battle the flesh-eating monsters and the infected birds. Armed with flamethrowers, brawn and scientific know-how, the friends barricade themselves against the horrors of the night, but will any of them live to see the morning light?

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