Horror DVD Releases – Week of February 16th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)
It’s back: The flesh-eating virus that decimated a cabin full of coeds is on the loose again. This time around, a high school prom is ground zero for the epidemic in this horror sequel directed by Ti West. Thanks to a local stream being contaminated during the first outbreak, the bottled water being distributed at the high school dance is causing the unwitting students to break out in ghastly blisters and sores.

She’s Crushed (2009)
The morning after is acutely uncomfortable for Ray (Henrik NorlĂ©n), who engages in a one-night stand with innocent-looking Tara (Natalie Dickinson) and then tries to move on. Tara doesn’t see things his way, and she takes lethal measures to keep the passion alive. In this horror-thriller directed by Patrick Johnson, tortured soul becomes torturing avenger as Tara sets about obliterating from Ray’s life anyone who might compete for his attention.

Red Hook (2009)
Despite her better judgment, college freshman Jenny (Christina Brucato) reluctantly agrees to join her new friends in a New York City scavenger hunt. As the group receives mysterious text message clues, they’re sent to dark, dangerous corners of the city. Soon, they realize that this is no innocent game, and winning could mean the difference between life and death. Terrence Mann, Hollis Scarborough and Frankie Shaw co-star in this thriller.

Freeway Killer (2009)
This is the terrifying true story of William Bonin (Scott Leet), the notorious “Freeway Killer” who, from April 1979 to June 1980, was responsible for the murders of at least 16 young men along the streets and highways of Los Angeles. As disturbing as real life gets, this low-budget horror thriller brings a gritty, you-are-there quality to the ghastly proceedings while showing a flesh-and-blood monster and his accomplices in brutal action.

The Fiend (1971)
An emotionally disturbed cult member loses grip on his sanity and sets off on a killing spree.

Scream (1983)
Not to be confused with another Scream — that of a jubilant Wes Craven when he went to the bank in 1993 with the release of his popular horror film — this much weaker Scream was never heard at the box office. Like in many a similar film, a most thick-headed group of dullards go hiking for the weekend, this time in a remote Western ghost town. Once there, they end up joining the ghosts, one by one. As they sit waiting for the next victim to be bumped off, a horseback-riding stranger comes into town. He entertains them with a story of his seafaring days nearly a half-century earlier and then rides off — but not for long. Apparently that was the intermission.

Art of the Devil 3 (2008)
A black magician attempts to offset the toll that dark power has taken on his body by forcibly removing the power of a dark deity from the bodies of other humans who have absorbed it in this sequel to the hit Thai horror film Long Khong (aka Art of the Devil 2).

Hellhounds (2009)
Director Rick Schroder tries his hand at horror with this nightmarish shocker about an ancient Greek warrior attempting to rescue his wife’s soul from the underworld while fending off the hounds of hell. His bride Demetria (Amanda Brooks) poisoned on their wedding day by a jealous rival, crestfallen Kleitos (Scott Elrod) rallies the troops and storms the underworld, where Hades has already laid claim to Demetria’s soul. The deeper Kleitos and his warriors venture into the underworld, the greater the danger of falling victim to Hades’ snarling pack of vicious hellhounds, who are quickly closing in from all sides.

Phantom Racer (2009)
A demonic racecar driver returns from the dead to seek revenge against his former rival.

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1989)
Bad taste slasher-movies never had it so good. In this horror/comedy movie, the film’s hero purchases an antique motorcycle. Somehow, the bike gets a taste for blood, and behaves in every respect just like a traditional vampire (shunning crucifixes, etc.). It also has a taste for human and animal flesh, and is given to dismembering its victims.

Breaking Nikki (2009)
When a call girl agrees to pose as a john’s ex-wife, she becomes caught-up in a sick revenge fantasy that quickly turns deadly.

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