Horror DVD Releases – Week of February 9th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Dead Tone (2007)
A seemingly innocuous pastime involving fun-loving collegians and prank phone calls turns into a lethal cat-and-mouse game in this blood-drenched fright fest starring Rutger Hauer and Brian Hooks. While vacationing at a secluded mansion after finals, a group of university students dials random telephone numbers and tries to unnerve the person on the other end. But their fun is short-circuited when one of them unwittingly connects with a slasher.

The Stepfather (2009)
Mom’s (Sela Ward) new boyfriend, David (Dylan Walsh), isn’t quite right and Michael knows it. A series of mysterious events leads the teen to suspect that David might in fact be a dangerous serial killer known for preying on families. Now, all he needs to do is gather evidence before it’s too late. Nelson McCormick directs this spine-tingling remake of the 1987 thriller based on the real-life story of killer John Emil List.

Stephen Romano Presents: Shock Festival (2009)
Screenwriter and Shock Festival author Stephen Romano takes viewers on a sexy, sleazy ride though the wildest horror and exploitation flicks ever produced with this collection of vintage and original movie trailers. In addition to a feature-length exploitation trailer marathon, Romano and friends offer up an entire collection of “fake” movie trailers based on the fictional posters featured in his book. An additional horror film trailer collection is sure to terrify, and dozens of rare television spots take viewers right back to the time when grindhouse cinemas were the lifeblood of 42nd Street. Finally, fire up your MP3 player to experience over 300 digitally re-mastered radio spots from the 1970s and 80s, two of the hottest decades in horror film history.

The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009)
The pretty alums of Sunnydale High receive invitiations for an unexpected reunion at their old alma mater, where the fallout from an unsolved murder on their prom night comes back to haunt them, and some unlucky grads soon join their dead classmate. Even amidst the bloodshed, these randy co-eds find time for some serious carnal activity in this gay-themed horror thriller from director David DeCoteau, who also helmed The Brotherhood I-IV.

Night of the Flesheaters (2008)
The cheating wife of a powerful crime boss and her handsome archeologist hitman lover battle an ancient evil in a cursed forest populated by demonic Native American zombies. With the vengeful kingpin in hot pursuit, the desperate couple finds their car destroyed by the Stone Man, an indestructible force with a hunger for human flesh. But surviving on foot won’t be easy, because in this forest every step you take could be your last.

Satan’s Wife (1977)
The Devil’s daughters find their fates conflicting in this satanic shocker from Italy. The Prince of Darkness seduces four gorgeous women, spreading his seed so that his scourge may take human form. When Almarisa discovers that she is literally the spawn of Satan, her intense self-loathing prompts her down the path of destruction. Daria, on the other hand, couldn’t be more delighted with her diabolical roots. Using her powers to toy with mankind, the mischievous hell spawn soon finds herself confronted by a dubious exorcist who may possess the power to banish her to the underworld forever.

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