Horror DVD Releases – Week of April 20th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy)

Necrosis (2009)
After six friends arrive at a mountain cabin for a long weekend, a monstrous snowstorm traps them. Soon the spirits of the Donner Party — frontier settlers who resorted to cannibalism in a similar snowstorm — begin to haunt them. As they start turning on each other, it’s not clear whether the ghosts are real or the result of their fear. James Kyson Lee, George Stults, Tiffany and Penny Drake star in this tense psychological chiller.

Homecoming (2009)
Hometown hero Mike (Matt Long) returns to his sleepy Pennsylvania burg for an exciting homecoming weekend with his new girlfriend Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup). But Mike’s deluded ex, a gorgeous townie named Shelby (Mischa Barton), is still not ready to let go of her old love. Shelby’s obsession takes on demented proportions in this teenage spin on Fatal Attraction, which also stars Michael Landes as Billy Fletcher.

Spring Break Massacre (2008)
Six gorgeous sorority girls fall prey to an escaped serial killer with a reputation for crashing sleepovers. As the body count rises under the silvery moonlight, the local sheriff (Reggie Bannister) and his devoted deputy (Linnea Quigley) capture the murderous maniac, and the brave girls fight back with everything they’ve got.

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island (2006)
Director Mark Jones takes the helm for this gay-themed horror spoof about a Hell Night prank gone horribly awry. Twenty years ago, Hell Island was the site of a horrific, 4th of July massacre. Tonight, it’s about to become the site of the Zeta Alpha Rho hazing ritual. When an escaped mental patient dons a creepy clown mask and begins methodically dispatching the eager-to-please pledges, closeted fraternity hopeful Jack Jones (Tyler Farrell) discovers that some urban legends die hard.

Knife Edge (2008)
Director Anthony Hickox (Waxwork) returns to the horror genre with this rural frightener about a Wall Street stockbroker who begins to experience disturbing visions after moving into an English country mansion with her husband and their young son.

Neowolf (2009)
An aspiring musician must choose between true love and ultimate power when he’s seduced to the dark side by a lycanthropic rock band.

The Hiking Trip (2008)
A simple hiking trip turns into a waking nightmare when a young adventurer named Tracy (Kortney Adams) awakens in a mysterious hospital with no memory of how she got there. Now the subject of a bizarre psychological evaluation, Tracy clings to sanity as the missing pieces of the puzzle slowly come together. The harder Tracy searches for an escape, the more it becomes apparent that the only way out of her curious predicament is to finally face her worst fears head on.

Every Other Day is Halloween (2009)
Join filmmaker C.W. Prather as he takes TV lovers on a nostalgic trip back to when horror hosts haunted the UHF dial and regional television held a treasure trove of localized surprises. For generations of Washingtonians, the name Dick Dyszel will forever be synonymous with three names: Bozo the Clown, Captain 20, and Count Gore De Vol. Through the 1970s and ’80s, Dyszel’s colorful television characters entertained adults and children alike.

SARS (2009)
The ability to distinguish living people from walking corpses becomes nearly impossible when the SARS virus turns the majority of the world population into zombies, and only 1000 survivors remain. In 2009 the virus made the leap from insects to humans, sealing the fate of the human race. Six years later the world as we know it has ended, and a dark new age has dawned. The numbers of the human race dwindling to a dangerous low, the few uninfected now struggle to find a place to start a new life, away from the infected ghouls that stalk them relentlessly.

SARS: The Dead Plague (2009)
A fictional video diary detailing the devastation of the SARS epidemic, and the media frenzy as the global population plummets. “Actual” video camera footage of infected citizens coming together to suffer and die is intercut with chilling news footage documenting the mass hysteria on every continent. After succumbing to the deadly virus, the recently deceased return as flesh-eating zombies hell-bent on spreading the bug and devouring every last living creature on the planet.

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