Horror DVD Releases – Week of April 6th, 2010

having seen none of this week’s new releases, i can’t vouch for any of them — but a few do look interesting. i’ve heard good and bad things about THE COLLECTOR, and am hopeful it won’t turn out to just be another SAW/SE7EN ripoff. DOLAN’S CADILLAC is based on one of stephen king’s better short stories, a captivating tale of revenge and road-work. however, i fear (much like with what happened to clive barker’s DREAD) that attempting to stretch such a powerful short story into a feature length film will dilute it so badly it becomes unwatchable. i don’t know much about TONY or HIGH PLAINS INVADERS… but the latter features james marsters versus cowboy-era alien invaders. count me in.

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy)

The Collector (2009)
Desperate to be free of his financial debt to his ex-wife, Arkin (Josh Stewart) breaks into his employer’s house to snag a jewel he knows will buy him independence. Too bad for him, someone else has gotten there first in this Marcus Dunston-helmed horror fest. Now, Arkin just wants to survive the night when he finds the house’s residents tied up, the house rigged with deadly traps and a masked madman engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Dolan’s Cadillac (2009)
Robinson’s (Wes Bentley) life assumes a new purpose when his wife — a witness to an execution-style slaying in the desert — is murdered by a Las Vegas mobster (Christian Slater), and the mild-mannered teacher vows to avenge her death. To overcome his wily adversary — and the thug’s heavily armored Cadillac — Robinson devises an ingenious revenge plan that doesn’t rely on raw firepower in this thriller based on a short story by Stephen King.

High Plains Invaders (2009)
In the early 20th century, aliens of the giant metallic insect variety invade a remote Western mining town in a mission to find enough uranium to fuel their spaceship. Retired outlaw Sam Danville (James Marsters) leads a motley band against the menace. For the human survivors, the mystery of what these nightmarish invaders really are — and what exactly they want — is just the beginning of their problems.

Tony (2010)
Solitary Tony (Peter Ferdinando) lives on the line of society and of sanity: Mostly he’s home alone, cultivating a taste for 1980s action flicks, and when social interaction arises, murder is his solution to an awkward moment. Director Gerard Johnson’s gruesome character study observes the inscrutable figure as he goes about the business of being maladjusted, misreading the world around him while remaining a mystery even perhaps to himself.

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