Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 22th, 2010

i was hoping i could get some reader thoughts on the weekly dvd releases post. i started posting them because, for me, the most important info each week is what movies are coming out for purchase and rental. do you find this information useful, or does it simply distract from our other content? if i were to continue posting this list each week, is there other information that would make it more useful (links to amazon, imdb pages, separate links for blu-ray/dvd, etc.)? let me know what you think in the comments section or by email at corey@evilontwolegs.com. thanks!

(descriptions from Netflix)

Wolf Moon (2009)
When a handsome drifter named Dan (Chris Divecchio) blows into a countryside town, Amy (Ginny Weirick) falls for him without knowing anything about his frightening family history: a horrific curse that’s been passed down through the ages. But when the truth comes to light — revealed in part by the arrival of Dan’s father, Bender (Max Ryan) — the locals don’t exactly take a shine to their relationship. Dana Mennie directs.

Thirst (2008)
After wrecking their car in the middle of the desert, two couples find themselves stranded with few supplies. When the heat intensifies and their precious water supply dwindles, the frantic friends begin betraying each other in the hopes of survival. Their civility rapidly deteriorates as they begin to experience overwhelming fear and desperation in this tense drama starring Lacey Chabert, Tygh Runyan, Brandon Quinn and Mercedes McNab.

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