Horror DVD Releases – Week of July 6th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Salvage (2008)
After washing ashore in a metal shipping container, a mysterious monster begins tormenting the residents of a small community. Despite a mandated quarantine, single mother Beth (Neve McIntosh) courageously leaves her home to find and protect her teenage daughter. Lawrence Gough directs this intelligent British horror movie that takes viewers on an intense thrill ride thanks to generous helpings of gore, violence and mayhem.

Bitten (2009)
Lonely graveyard shift paramedic Jack (Jason Mewes) rescues a pretty vampire from certain death, and finds himself falling for her despite the fact that she can’t control her murderous impulse to feed. The more intense their relationship grows, the more obvious it becomes to Jack that his first true love could also very well be his last.

The Familiar (2009)
His faith shaken following his wife’s death, reclusive widower Sam grows increasingly attracted to his doe-eyed sister-in-law Laura, who is slowly being taken over by a powerful demon. Now, in order to save Laura’s life and free himself from the grip of evil, Sam must resist temptation and confront forces beyond the realm of human comprehension.

Recycled Parts (2007)
A fun night out on the town turns into the worst kind of horror imaginable in this gruesome independent shocker. Friday night: Los Angeles, California. Five teens are cruising the streets in search of a popular nightclub when a desperate, pregnant woman dashes out of the darkness, and straight into their path. It all happened so fast there was no chance to hit the breaks, and as the women lies dying in the street, the friends argue over whether they should help her, or flee the scene.

God of Vampires (2007)
Taking its cue from old John Woo films and Sam Raimi’s early indie-horror outings, God of Vampire tells the tale of Chinese vampires and their bloodthirsty rise to the top of the food chain. Shot on weekends over an 8-year period of time, director Rob Fitz realized a dream by finishing the film, taking it to the top of some horror site’s best of lists as it made the horror convention rounds in 2007.

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