Horror DVD Releases – Week of August 10th, 2010

(descriptions from BestBuy)

Sea of Dust (2009)
First time director/screenwriter Scott Bunt pays tribute to the classic Hammer Studio films of yesteryear and the stylish shockers of director Mario Bava with this gruesome tale of an oppressive evil that washes over a small village of innocents.

Twisted Brain (aka Horror High) (1974)
Also known as Twisted Brain, Horror High is a no-budget fright flick set in — you guessed it — a high school. Nerdy student Pat Cardi is picked on by everyone in the free world: his parents, school bullies, pretty girls, even the school janitor. Spending a lonely evening in his basement lab, Cardi creates a serum that turns him into a monster. Here’s the crayons…fill in the blanks as to what happens next.

Nightmare Alley (2007)
Experience seven horrifying tales to chill the blood and rot the brain. Host Scarlet Fry takes viewers on a dark journey that could prove deadly for the faint of heart.

Office of the Dead (2009)
A terrified group of office workers fend off an army of the living dead after an experiment designed to transform unhappy employees into content, productive laborers instead turns them into flesh-eating zombies.

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