Horror DVD Releases – Week of September 21st, 2010

(descriptions from BestBuy)

Death Kappa (2009)
The producers of Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police team with the special effects wizard behind Uzumaki and Gamera 3 to deliver a spirited kaiju romp about a mischievous yokai that threatens to decimate Tokyo. Kanako left for Tokyo with dreams of success. When those dreams fail to materialize, she returns to her village in shame and moves in with her elderly grandmother, the caretaker for the local river spirit. Before long, Kanako has taken over her grandmother’s responsibilities, dutifully feeding the kappa a steady diet of cucumbers and regularly cleaning its shrine. Trouble starts to brew, however, when a team of World War II scientists attempt to transform the kappa into a weapon of war, and instead unleash a devastating force of destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Japan.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (2008)
Jake Hoffman, Jeremy Sisto, Devon Aoki, and Ralph Macchio star in first-time screenwriter/director Jordan Galland’s horror comedy about a Shakespearian actor who agrees to direct a most unusual stage production of Hamlet. An out-of-work actor (Hoffman) in search of his big break believes that he’s got his shot at stardom when he’s hired to direct an unconventional off-Broadway production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But this adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play isn’t just different because it takes a few intriguing liberties with the familiar tale, the most remarkable aspect of this particular production of Hamlet is the fact that it was written by a genuine Romanian vampire (John Ventimiglia).

Soul Walker (2009)
A ghost hunter agrees to assist the police in solving a perplexing murder case, and discovers that his video camera permits him to see into another dimension, where the dead don’t rest in peace.

Hunger: A Taste of Terror
Terence Stamp and David Bowie host two feature-length presentations of the forbidden and bizarre – specially selected from “The Hunger” horror anthology series. Inspired by leading genre writers, each terrifying story will seduce you into a world beyond your wildest nightmares – a world where lust consumes reason and evil feeds on the temptations of men and women alike. Over 3 hours of horror featuring: David Bowie, Daniel Craig, Giovanni Ribisi, Lena Headey, Terence Stamp, Balthazar Getty, Karen Black, Kate Vernon, Eric Roberts and more Includes the episodes: “The Swords,” “Ménage a Trois,” “Necros,” “Sanctuary,” “Skin Deep,” “Dream Sentinel.”

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