Super-Creepy Things My Wife Found On Etsy This Weekend

etsy is a hand-made arts and crafts site where users post items for sale. apart from that the fact that my wife is kind of addicted to it, that’s about all i knew about etsy a few days ago. however, this weekend as my wife was browsing for hand-crafted soap, it occurred to me that a site that large and popular must have some stuff that would appeal to horror fans — and not just horror fans who also happen to like hand-crafted soap. with that idea in mind, i gave my wife a very important mission…

go forth and find me the creepiest, most eff’d-up things you can on etsy.

she did not disappoint. below you will find the first part of what i’m sure will become a recurring feature here at eo2l — “super creepy things my wife found on etsy this weekend.” follow the links for the full descriptions, more pictures and the option to own them for your very own. if you dare!

1974 Leatherface Mask

“a must have for fans of the classic film.”

Creepy Finger Soap Set

“would make a great gag gift, party favors, or even something special for yourself!”

I Scream Cone

“This is sure to make a great addition to your Halloween tree!”

The Human Centipede CAT TOY

“This cat toy is 100% medically accurate!”

Killer Care Bear Swamp Creature

“His tummy has a painting of a swamp.”

Freddy Necklace

“This lil Freddy only wants to play!”

OOAK Creepy Doll Head 5 Shadowbox Sculpture

“Custom painted and distressed wood shadowbox contains a hand sculpted creepy clown head.”

Mini Zombie Scary Creepy Evil Clown Head Prop Decoration

“How would you like to own your very own piece of the circus undead?”

Nun no 3 Mouth eye Vampire doll ooak creepy gothic horror art


SAW Billy The Puppet Head Earrings JIGSAW

“Billy the puppet earrings.”

My Demon Pony Shaun Zombie Pony ooak My Little Pony

“I cut the stomach area out then sculpted the guts slowly attached one gut loop at a time..was so much fun! I also felt I should up a eye pop on this one!”

AMPUTHEATRE- Crucifiend Gaming Figure

“For devouring anything warm-blooded he found within the moors of Scotland, the abomination now known as “Crucifiend” spent centuries staked to a mountainside- where scavengers picked his eyesockets and fingers clean.”

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