Horror DVD Releases – Week of November 2nd, 2010

(descriptions from BestBuy)

Not of This Earth (1988)
This campy remake of Roger Corman’s 1957 low-budget sci-fi classic tells the story of a bloodthirsty alien who comes to Earth looking to replenish his planet’s declining food supply. Traci Lords stars as a nurse who uncovers the sinister plot and attempts to stop the bloodletting.

Terror Within/Dead Space (1988/1990)
Dead Space: Set in the further reaches of the galaxy, this sci-fi horror film, a cross between Forbidden Planet and Alien, tells the story of a spaceship commander’s battle to protect the universe against the terrifying mutation-causing virus that threatens to wreak havoc upon the planet Phabton. The Terror Within: This sci-fi horror film is a knock-off of the Alien films. Set in the Mojave desert in the 21st century, it depicts a desolate world that has been ravaged by a human engineered plague virus where the few people live underground and the surface is populated by strange monsters.

Demon Kiss (2008)
A demon invocation goes awry when the prostitute that was meant for sacrifice becomes host to the evil entity. Later, as the demon leaps from body to body, the race to send it back to hell begins.

Horrors of the Black Museum/The Headless Ghost (1959)
The Headless Ghost: In this spooky film, three American exchange students visit an English castle purported to be haunted. Horrors of the Black Museum: The power of hypnotism provides the basis of this film that was released in “Hypnovision.”

Deadfall Trail (2009)
Three friends fight for their lives during a grueling three-week excursion into the Kaibab National Forest. Leaving the modern world behind, John, Julian, and Paul each pack a knife, a bottle or water, and a garbage bag in order to test their survival skills, and seek clarity through a peyote -induced vision quest. When disaster strikes seven days into the trip, the three friends discover that the greatest enemy is within.

Il Visitatore (1980)
Mel Ferrer is an Atlanta notable who is mysteriously in communication with some demonic forces. These evil powers want him to father a child by his wife who carries the necessary genes to produce a real live earthling demon. When she refuses to go through yet another labor, the horrific shenanigans start.

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