(The Last) Horror DVD/Netflix Instant Releases – Week of December 21st, 2010

this will be the last “horror dvd/blu-ray/netflix watch instantly releases” post on evilontwolegs.com. we’ve decided to devote all of our time to original content as opposed to news/release information that is really more suited for larger, more general horror sites. i’d originally started posting these lists as i found it tedious myself to dig through dvd release info to find new horror films, but as it turns out, there are several other horror sites where you can find the same information (often with more details than i provide). below are two other sites that post similar horror release information as well as the sources i used to compile previous release posts.

for horror dvds/blu-rays, i would recommend checking one of these sites:

personally, i always used best buy and amazon to compile my posts and plan my own shopping/rental list. each lets you show all dvds/blu-rays being released for a particular week, and even let you filter by genre.

netflix dvd/watch instantly releases are also easy to find, simply by subscribing to these two rss feeds. each comes directly from netflix, with one giving you a complete list of dvd/blu-rays as they become available for rental and the other showing films as they are added to netflix’s watch instantly service.

for those of you that found our dvd release posts helpful, my apologies for the inconvenience. hopefully, like me, you’ll be able to use one or more of the above sites in scheduling your future horror media consumption needs.

(descriptions from BestBuy.com)

Devil (2010)
Five strangers trapped in an elevator realize that one of them is the Devil in this thriller from director John E. Dowdle (Quarantine) and screenwriter Brian Nelson (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night). The first installment of “The Night Chronicles,” a film series in which up-and-coming filmmakers bring to life stories conceived by M. Night Shyamalan, Devil opens to find five Philadelphia office workers filing into the elevator of an inner-city office building. But a typical day at the office takes a sudden detour into terror when the elevator becomes stuck between floors, and the passengers discover that the Devil does exist, and he’s standing right before them. As emergency workers work frantically to free them, secrets are revealed and the passengers realize their only hope for survival is to confront their darkest sins in front of the others.

Dismal (2009)
A group of Biology students fight for their lives against a relentless killer during a research trip into the Great Dismal Swamp. Desperate to pass her class when her grades start to plummet, failing student Dana agrees to brave the swamp with her floundering teaching assistant and four horny classmates. But just as their research gets underway, a relentless killer appears with the intention of devouring them one-by-one.

La Horde (2009)
Police searching for some bloodthirsty criminals instead find themselves battling the walking dead in this action-packed horror vehicle from France.

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (2010)
A gigantic, immensely powerful shark does battle with a fierce primordial crocodile from Africa.

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