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Horror Community Highlights – January 1, 2011

[thumb][/thumb] The Passing of the Year Dinner with Max Jenke I’ve not read Robert Service in years, but his poem “Passing of the Year” sets a spooky tone for the New Year that horror fans should appreciate. [thumb][/thumb] My Top … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – December 3, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] First Images for Civil War Zombie Film ‘Exit Humanity’ Check out these impressive-looking stills from the upcoming film Exit Humanity, which will feature “civil war zombies and Bill Moseley doing what he does best, kicking ass as a … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – November 5, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] 10 Favorite Horrifying Movie Scenes for Halloween Lost Highway Halloween came and went in a flash. Sadly, I couldn’t watch all the horror that I wanted to, but at least I can recap some of horror’s better moments in … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – October 22, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] Halloween Poems Poetry Foundation A short collection of poems from a variety of poets who prove that “whether you say ghost, genie, or djinn, the tingle in the spine is universal.” [thumb][/thumb] Review if Parasomnia (2008) This Girl Digs … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – October 8, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire “The premise of “Frankenhole”is that the lab of Dr. Frankenstein (modeled after Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of the character) can be accessed through a series of time-travel portals scattered across the … Continue reading