Horror Podcasts

i’ve listened to dozens of horror related podcasts and it seems that there are very few worth listening to. luckily there are two out there that i simply can’t recommend highly enough.

night of the living podcast is hosted by a fluctuating (but always large) group of friends in ohio. despite the number of people, the quality of the broadcast makes it so you never feel overwhelmed. freddy and amy are particularly entertaining, but the entire group is extremely knowledgeable and funny. the podcasts can run quite long as they often get sidetracked into personal stories or long discussions, but these are often the best bits and well worth your time.

the reel horror podcast is run by two guys in los angeles both named mike, better known as “too sensitive” and “the show.” this podcast is often shorter and more focused than notlp, but just as entertaining. i’ve often embarrassed myself by laughing out loud in my office when “the show” tell stories of celebrity sitings and his odd (and often cringe-inducing) interactions with them.

if you give either of these a listen or have suggestions of others that i may have missed, please leave a comment!

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