April Fool’s Day (2008)

the original april fool’s day (1986) was not a huge success, and this is often blamed on its rather lame ending wherein it’s revealed that none of the murders actually happened. nothing pisses off an audience more than finding out that everything they just spent a significant amount of time watching and became invested in was bullshit (just ask anyone who remember the 8th season of dallas). you would think anyone remaking such a film would take care in not repeating the same mistake… but instead they seem to have changed everything except the aspects of the original that failed. gone are the interesting characters, deaths and witty dialogue that made the original so watchable… in their place we find unlikable stereotypes, idiotic stalk/slash sequences and a plot so predictable you’d have to be a coked up, blind-folded mongoose currently engaged in a riki-tiki-tavi style battle-to-the-death with a king cobra who is winning to not piece together who the killer is by the time the opening credits finish. and don’t let the ‘unrated’ description fool you… this would be lucky to warrant a pg-13. i can only assume the producers were too embarrassed by their film to even ask the mpaa to watch it.

if the filmmakers are going to put so little effort into making this movie, i don’t see why anyone should expend any more effort reviewing it… so here’s my review.

this sucky movie is full of suck.

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