Play The Mist for Me

stephen king’s the mist hit dvd this week in a regular single disc and a two-disc collector’s edition. i would overwhelmingly recommend getting the latter as the second disc contains the entire film as frank darabont originally intended — in black and white.

i’ve seen the film both in color and black and white and i’d suggest watching the b/w version to both those new to the film and those that saw it in the theater. it’s a completely different experience without color. i personally never had a problem with the majority of the creature effects in the film, but those that did will find that the creatures are more convincing and altogether creepier in this version.

the color version of both dvds features a commentary from darabont that has largely changed my opinion on the controversial ending to the film. originally i liked the ending but had a few issues with it… now i’m almost completely in the “i love the ending” camp. he explains his rationale for it and reminds readers that there is a passage in the original book which points to this being the logical conclusion to the story. i won’t ruin the ending here, but feel free to spoil it in the comments section as i’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on it.

in any case… if you haven’t seen it, i’d suggest you pick it up or throw it in your netflix queue. if the latter, here’s a link to the 2nd disc with the black and white version on it. it doesn’t specify that it’s included there, but it is. unfortunately the commentary is only on the first disc… so commentary fans may want to queue both up.

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