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The Cook (2008)

Jon’s Thoughts… The Cook (2008) April is National Poetry Month and I was planning to celebrate it by posting another round of Haiku Reviews. But I’ve decided against that for a couple of reasons. First, I just discovered the really … Continue reading

Corey and Jon on Near Dark (1987)

this post was written for the final girl film club… read a lot more about near dark there. corey’s thoughts… released just weeks apart, near dark and the lost boys are my two favorite vampire films. 1987 was a fantastic … Continue reading

Trailers From Hell

i’ve recently become addicted to old movie trailers (e.g., the 42nd street forever dvd collections) and i found a site i thought i’d pass along. trailers from hell features old trailers with commentary by modern horror directors like john landis, … Continue reading

Fan Art Field Trip: Halloween

twice now we’ve gone on safari into the often bizarre but always fascinating world of slasher film fan art (see here and here). in the near future we’ll be looking into similar artistic endeavors related to an american werewolf in … Continue reading

Horrorfest 2007

the after dark horrorfest (aka 8 films to die for) (aka that horror film festival you didn’t go see) has been running for two years now. each year eight independent horror films are released in theaters for a weekend before … Continue reading

We’re on the lamb

what’s the LAMB, you may well be heard to ask? well, according to their site the LAMB is “a directory of movie blogs – a one-stop shop for readers and bloggers alike.” basically it’s a central hub for movie blogs … Continue reading

Shredder (2003)

You, the readers of Eo2L, have cast your votes and it looks like the snowboarding film Shredder has won by a slim margin. Corey and I had originally planned to decide who would review the film with an arm wrestling … Continue reading