Friday the 13th Movie Site Goes Live

behold the awesome power of advertising.

this teaser poster for the friday the 13th re-imagining/re-envisioning/remake/whatever completely changed my attitude towards the film. i went from “meh” to “omg-i-wish-i-owned-a-time-machine-and-could-send-myself-to-next-february” in about 0.05 sec. simple, stylish and elegant, it communicates everything you need to know about the film using a single image and a date. the poster implies a seriousness to the material that’s been missing from the series for far too long. in addition to the poster, i’ve read positive things about the footage shown at comic-con, so consider me converted — i’m now excited about this particular remake.

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  1. Agreed. Frankly, I’ve never understood the furor over remakes. The concept in general is benign and really does nothing to diminish the merits of the original. It’s not like the reimagining of [i]Halloween[/i] took anything away from Carpenter’s masterpiece. Plus, I’m always fascinated by what another mind will extract from the source material, what they’ll toss aside, what they’ll play up. The only thing to get upset over regarding remakes is the trendiness and over-saturation of them at one time – especially given that there are incredible works of horror fiction just waiting to be adapted for the screen.

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