Remakes Update

remakes are all the rage with the kids these days, so here’s poster art and trailers for a few upcoming horror ‘re-imaginings.’ are you looking forward to any of these? personally, i can’t wait for my bloody valentine and friday the 13th, which, oddly, i just noticed each star one of the brothers from supernatural.

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  1. A. Golaski says:

    I found the original Last House on the Left to be so greatly dissapointing, I can’t see how they could botch a remake. What a great tagling: it’s only a movie… it’s only a movie… I avoided renting it for years because I thot it would be too scary. Instead, it looked like it was filmed in my backyard with a camcorder and the pacing is terrible. Please remake it… into a different movie. And don’t try to convince me it’s good by telling me it’s based on a Chekhov play.

    The Friday trailer is promising, and if the 3D in My Bloody Valentine is as good as the 3D in Beowulf, the it could be AWESOME (Beowulf was pretty bad, but who cared? The effects were amazing. Hey, can we rerelease all the 3D Hitchcock films? I saw Dial M for Murder in 3D and it was great…)

    Night of the Demons… my guess is that there won’t be nearly as many topless women in the remake, and thus the charm of the ’88 film will be lost… I’d prefer to watch Kate Bush sing “Night of the Demon.”

    “When I was a child, running in the dark, afraid of what might be…”

  2. Wes Fierce says:

    I will punch babies to see MBV3D, but only if I have to.

    I love NOTD and its a great pick for a remake, as long as they make a better version than the original, which shouldnt be too hard.

    LHOTL doesnt seem like it would be ideal for a remake, but if its ultra violent, count me in.

    Lastly, im not nearly as excited to see F13 as I was before I saw the latest trailer. Not only does it look generic, but it looks like they crammed every spoiler they could into it. :P I’ll still see it, of course, I guess I should be thankful the plot doesnt include a time machine or dinosaurs.

  3. Piper says:

    Wow. How or why would they want to remake Last House On The Left. It may still be the most disturbing horror movie I’ve seen. No way anyone comes close to the dread of that movie.

    I’m guessing the reamke will be slick, with lots of cuts and ramping, a hip soundtrack and no doubt rated PG-13.

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