If only this were real…

unfortunately, this is just something i put together for a somethingawful thread called “games you wish existed.” it’s been 20 years since the last friday the 13th video game… i think it’s about time we got another one.

someone in the thread asked how the game would be played… this was my reply.

In the single player game, you’d play as Jason.
Well, except in the first stage where you’d be his mother.

The third stage would be in 3D.

In the multiplayer, one player would be Jason while the rest would be counselors. Counselors can score points not by fighting Jason, but by avoiding Jason and successfully completing tasks such as “have sex with another player without being stabbed,” “smoke marijuana without being stabbed,” “go skinny-dipping alone without being stabbed,” and “check out that strange noise in the basement without being stabbed.” The last remaining female counselor is granted special bonuses (similar to perks in Fallout3), such as “Pamela’s Sweater” (confuses Jason), “Younger Brother with Shaved Head” (confuses Jason) and “Tina’s Daddy Issues” (psychic abilities).

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