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his name was jason contest

if you were unaware, a documentary is now out on dvd covering the entire friday the 13th series titled his name was jason. hosted by tom savini and covering all twelve films, this is the definitive visual companion piece to the book crystal lake memories. if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you’re in luck – eo2l has an extra copy to give away!

“so,” you might be heard to say, “what do i need to do to obtain this blood-soaked piece of digital swag?” well, that’s the fun part. all you need to do is send me something friday the 13th related. a story, a photo, an image you created, a joke… i don’t care. whichever we deem to be the most interesting, impressive, funny and/or entertaining will win the dvd, and even those that don’t win may end up show-cased here in a future post. so it’s win-win! some examples of entries might be…

  • tell me your first experience with the friday the 13th franchise
  • send me that picture you took of kane hodder faux-choking your girlfriend
  • describe that time you and your middle school friends cleverly found a way to purchase tickets to a disney film but snuck into jason lives
  • your favorite screenshot or quote from the series. the more obscure the better
  • send me a photo of yourself at twelve years old dressed up as jason for halloween
  • send a photo of your impressive collection of friday the 13th memorabilia
  • make an elaborate and passionate case for why part 5 or part 9 is clearly the best in the series

email your entries to corey@evilontwolegs.com. include how you’d like to be referred to and the link to your website (if you have one) in case we use your entry in a future blog post. this contest will run until… well, until i stop getting interesting submissions.

crystal lake webcam

a girl has setup a live webcam from crystal lake.
definitely worth checking out.

new logos

in addition to our original michael myers/laurie strode cartoon logo, we’ve also added baghead jason/ginny and jason/tina into the random rotation. all caricatures were created by uber-talented logo artist and mega-michael myers fan, raven. to see them all, hit ‘refresh’ to magically watch the logos change in our banner or, perhaps more efficiently, simply focus your vision a couple of inches below this sentence.

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