Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 30th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

Header (2007)
While trying to provide for his ailing girlfriend, crooked ATF agent Stewart (Jake Suffian) becomes enmeshed in a nightmarish string of grisly murders involving deranged rednecks, deviant sex and the most disturbing act of vengeance ever imagined: the header. Based on Edward Lee’s classic novella, this unbelievably twisted horror movie co-stars Elliot V. Kotek as recently released ex-con Travis and Dick Mullaney as his creepy Grandpap.

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (2008)
Years after his teammates’ bullying antics left him in the hospital, a cricketer returns to his Australian homeland to play again. Only this time, the game is vengeance, and he has the razor-fingered cricket gloves and nail-covered balls to prove it! As the death count rises, Scotland Yard sleuth Kim Reynolds (Stacey Edmonds) arrives in Sydney to assist local detectives Chance (Jai Koutrae) and Scott (Az Jackson) in this offbeat horror comedy.

Sea Beast (2008)
When a down-on-his-luck fishing boat captain (Corin Nemec) loses a crewmate on his last less-than-successful voyage, his fellow villagers join him in battling the savage sea creature that snatched the unfortunate sailor. The mutated anglerfish strikes again and again in this Sci-Fi Channel horror flick co-starring Miriam McDonald, Christie Laing, Gary Hudson and Brandon Jay McLaren. Paul Ziller directs.

The Garbage Man (2009)
Step inside the twisted mind of Tom (James Meredith), an unassuming garbage collector by day and a cold-blooded serial killer by night. Unable to resist the powerful voices in his head, Tom can’t stop himself from stalking and slaughtering innocent female victims. During the filming of this horror movie, director Hart D. Fisher tragically lost his girlfriend, who perished at the hands of a real-life murderer.

Hidden Floor (2006)
Between creepy neighbors in her new apartment complex and a sudden rash of mysterious deaths, single mother Min-young (Seo-hyeong Kim) lives in constant terror . To protect her daughter (Yoo-jung Kim), Min-young must face her fears and uncover her building’s terrible secret. Directed by Il-soon Kwon, this suspense-filled horror flick from Korea will keep viewers trembling in their seats … and looking over their shoulders.

Second Coming (2008)
When her twin sister is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Lora Gerritsen (Juliet Reeves) feels as if she’s lost part of herself. But through her grief, she senses her dearly departed sibling is trying to tell her something about the person who killed her. Bringing the guilty party to justice, however, will require Lora to assume her dead sister’s identity and risk her own life to lure the killer out into the open.

My Bloody Roommates (2008)
Four roommates at an all-girls school struggle to get along and handle tremendous pressure to succeed. When visions of a deadly fire begin tormenting one of them, the teens come face-to-face with terrifying forces from the past that want them dead. With plenty of spine-tingling thrills, this unsettling Korean horror movie co-stars Eun-Seong, Jin-yong Heo, Joo-ryeong Kim, Yeong-jin Sin and Ri-na Kim.

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