Horror DVD Releases – Week of August 25th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

Sick Girl (2007)
With her parents dead and her older brother off to fight in Iraq, emotionally disturbed teenager Izzy (Leslie Andrews) flips out and goes on a nasty killing spree, gleefully torturing and executing the bullies who like picking on her younger sibling, Kevin (Charlie Trepany). Eben McGarr writes and directs this gruesome horror movie that also stars Ian Villalobos, Katherine Macanufo and Stephen Geoffreys.

The Curse of February 29th (2006)
After a mysterious driver in a darkened car hands over a bloody toll ticket, terrified tollbooth attendant Ji-yeon discovers that a lethal curse has struck her station every Feb. 29 since a fatal accident occurred there years ago. When her friend becomes the latest victim, Ji-yeon sets out to solve the mystery, which may involve her own ghostly double. Jong-hun Jung directs this Korean horror flick that stars Eun-jin Baek and Yoon-jeong Choi.

Onechanbara: Samurai Bikini Squad (2008)
Inspired by the video game phenomenon, this live-action epic follows Aya, a sexy antihero clad in only a bikini and a cowboy hat. In a not-too-distant future in which the world copes with ravenous zombies, Aya makes time for a personal mission. Between decapitations of the ubiquitous undead, Aya and her sidekicks, Katsuji and Reika, search for Aya’s father’s killer, for whom Aya has planned a special form of revenge.

The Brass Ring (2008)
When salesman William Schotten, consultant J.J. Zetts and a group of their Ohio pals set out to make a zombie flick with a Super 8 camera and $7,500 in cash, little do they know that the “making of” will be more horrifying than the movie itself. Luckily, they captured that nightmare in this documentary charting their progress as first-time fright-flick makers. In addition to Schotten and Zetts, the film features Dave Caleris and Keith Boron.

My Sweet Killer (1999)
Since being released from a mental hospital, introverted Charlie Cavenaugh (Kirk Harris) has been desperately trying to keep his life and sanity on track. Just when things seem to be looking up, he starts having disturbing dreams about a ghostly suicide victim. When the obsession intensifies, Charlie’s world begins to blur between dream and reality. Del Zamora, Art Chudabala and Jack Rubio co-star in this thriller helmed by Justin Dossetti.

Ghost Image (2008)
An already fragile young woman (Elisabeth Röhm) who lost her family in a fatal car crash years ago sinks deeper into despair when she learns that her boyfriend (Waylon Payne) has also died in an auto accident. At first, her ritual of watching him via a video she made of him just hours before his death seems therapeutic. But when he begins talking back to her, she wonders whether she’s lost her grip on reality.

Frayed (2007)
Small-town sheriff Pat Baker (Tony Doupe) is facing a worst-case scenario: His insane son, who offed his mother 13 years ago, has escaped from a mental asylum and is loose in the woods where Baker’s daughter (Alena Dashiell) is camping. To no one’s surprise, the masked psycho gets right back into the killing groove, with the suspense and wanton bloodshed accelerating all the way to an unnerving climax in this gripping thriller.

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