Elm Street Remake Trailer

the new a nightmare on elm street remake trailer is out, and it’s surprisingly good. i wasn’t particularly interested in this remake until this trailer, but now they’ve got my attention. i’d say they’ve definitely chosen the right guy to put on robert englund’s glove, as this freddy is definitely creepy. we’ll see if this freddy surpasses the original, but i can already tell that i prefer the character makeup this time around as it looks far more realistic.

i’ve seen some people complaining that this remake is unnecessary, some even to the point of boycotting watching the trailer. to me, that’s just silly… whether they turn out good or bad, i love seeing other people’s interpretation of stories i love. macbeth is my favorite of shakespeare’s works, and i enjoy seeing it reinterpreted by different directors and actors time and time again. the same is true of my favorite horror films. remake them all, i say. and when they’re done remaking them… remake them again. the more horror films out there, remakes or original, the better.

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