Horror DVD Releases – Week of September 29th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix and bestbuy)

The Hills Run Red (2009)
When they hear there’s a complete print of their favorite slasher movie hidden in their hometown’s backwoods, a group of horror movie buffs heads out in search of the celluloid treasure. Once arriving at their destination, they discover that the carnage captured in the movie was completely real, and worse yet, the filmmakers are looking to spill more blood before they’re ready to call “cut.” Sophie Monk and William Sadler star.

Dinner with a Vampire (1988)
Hoping to land roles in an upcoming movie by enigmatic horror director Jurek (George Hilton), four aspiring actors agree to spend the night in his creepy, isolated castle — only to discover that the auteur is an ancient vampire. But the thespians are in for an extra shock when Jurek announces the real reason he lured them to his mansion. Patrizia Pellegrino co-stars in this Italian horror film directed by Lamberto Bava.

The Shortcut (2008)
When Derek (Andrew Seeley) moves to a new town and discovers a shortcut through the woods to his high school, he learns about a crazy old man who lives near its path: Legend has it that he abducted a group of teenagers years ago. Ignoring the warning, Derek and his friends set out to uncover the dark secret that’s buried deep in the woods. But will they survive to tell it? Shannon Woodward and Katrina Bowden co-star in this creepy thriller.

The Hanging Woman (1973)
Upon his uncle’s death, Serge Chekov (Stelvio Rosi) journeys to a spooky Scottish village for the reading of the will. But when he inherits the estate, Serge runs afoul of his uncle’s jealous wife (Maria Pia Conte), his business partner (Gérard Tichy), his maid (Dyanik Zurakowska) and others. It’s not long before zombies join the fun in this Italian supernatural thriller, also starring Paul Naschy as a nutso gravedigger.

Farmhouse (2008)
When they crash their car near an isolated vineyard, Chad (William Lee Scott) and Scarlet (Jamie Anne Allman) seek shelter at the house of locals Samael (Steven Webber) and Lilith (Kelly Hu), who turn the couple’s overnight stay into a nightmare of hellish imprisonment and torture. Now, Chad and Scarlet must confront a terrible secret from their past if they hope to escape with their lives. George Bessudo directs this tense thriller.

Uninvited/Mutant (1984)
Greedy corporate misdeeds yield horrific results in this double bill of 1980s B-movie treats that feature a killer cat, a greedy gangster, a toxic waste disaster and a town overrun with zombie cannibals. In Uninvited, a feline freak of nature flees a sinister corporation’s laboratory and wreaks havoc on board a mobster’s yacht, and in Mutant, chemical dumping in a small Southern town turns the residents into undead bloodsuckers.

Nightmare (2005)
A celebratory night of sex following a screening of his new movie turns into a nightmare for an up-and-coming filmmaker when he wakes up to find a camera focused on his bed and a video seeming to show he and his sex partner committing murder. Jason Scott Campbell stars as the aspiring director and Nicole Roderick is his girlfriend in this horror flick that has the young helmer sorting out his nightmare the only way he knows how — by filming it.

Haunting of Winchester House (2009)
When a young family moves into the famously haunted Winchester House, a wildly sprawling mansion built by an eccentric heiress, they begin to wonder if the tales of spooks and ghosts roaming the halls may actually be true. But all their doubts are erased when an evil spirit takes their own daughter captive. This horror-thriller from director Mark Atkins stars Lira Kellerman, Tomas Boykin, Patty Roberts and Michael Holmes.

Flesh, TX (2009)
While passing through the backwater burg of Flesh, Texas, Donna Parker (Eleni C. Krimitsos) suddenly finds herself propelled into a nightmarish world when her daughter, Tabitha (Jada Kline), disappears from a filling station. After seeking help from the less-than-obliging town sheriff (Dale Denton), Donna goes looking for Tabitha — a pursuit that leads to the insane, inbred Barley clan in director Guy Crawford’s blood-spattered tale of horror.

Burke and Hare (1972)
When a man in their Edinburgh boarding house dies, poor Irish immigrants Burke (Derren Nesbitt) and Hare (Glynn Edwards) discover they can make good money by supplying corpses for scientific study to a doctor at the university medical school. Inconvenienced by the lack of available cadavers, the cunning pair soon turn to murder to maintain their revenue stream. Vernon Sewell directs this classic comedy-horror romp that co-stars Harry Andrews.

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