Horror DVD Releases – Week of September 22nd, 2009

(descriptions from netflix and bestbuy)

Book of Blood (2008)
Based on the writings of horror master Clive Barker, this creepy thriller centers on paranormal expert Mary Florescu (Sophie Ward) and spiritual medium Simon McNeal (Jonas Armstrong), who band together to investigate the mysterious occurrences of an alleged haunted house. When hostile spirits begin to speak through Simon in a horrifying fashion, he and Mary discover that the house may be a crossroad of spiritual paths.

Friday the 13th: Season 3 (1989)
A long-ago pact with the devil continues to yield grave consequences for the staff of Vendredi’s Antiques, as plucky owner Micki (Louise Robey), occult expert Jack (Chris Wiggins) and handsome Johnny (Steve Monarque) race to find the jinxed relics of Lewis Vendredi. In the third season of the serial horror sensation, the trio tracks down a poison-producing tea set, a painting by the Marquis de Sade, a deadly cross from the Crusades and more.

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009)
Mexican wrestler El Superbeasto (voiced by Tom Papa) may be well past his prime, but that won’t stop him and his sultry sister, Suzi-X (Sheri Moon), from saving the world from the greedy and evil clutches of Dr. Satan (Paul Giamatti). Rob Zombie adapts his own comic book series into this gleefully filthy monster adventure, which also features the voice talents of Brian Posehn as Murray the Robot and Rosario Dawson as Velvet Von Black.

Albino Farm (2008)
Decades of religious fanaticism in an Ozark Mountain town have produced an in-bred community of albino misfits who have become the stuff of legend in surrounding areas. Now, four college pals are trapped there when their research trip goes awry. Stuck in a land of pigment-impaired predators, the group struggles for survival in this horror fest starring Chris Jericho, Tammin Sursok, Richard Christy and Duane Whitaker.

Edges of Darkness (2008)
The undead roam Earth after a global apocalypse in this collection of three films, each following survivors’ tales as they battle flesh-eating zombies, vicious vampires and crazed holy men bent on finishing God’s judgment. While a girl captured by vampires discovers her own way to fight back, a lonely writer uses a macabre energy source to power his computer, and a survivalist protects a boy who manifests a whole new kind of evil.

Grave Danger (2009)
Home alone, Becky (Debbie Kopacz) is already on edge from a night of watching scary movies when an anonymous caller takes her terror to the brink by forcing her to trade spooky stories with him in this Jim Haggerty-helmed horror flick. Tales of murderous ventriloquist dummies, housewives ensnared by voodoo and more follow in an agonizing game of one-upmanship that could end up with Becky dead. Cathy St. George and Vic Martino co-star.

Witchmaster General (2009)
LA Guns lead singer Phil Lewis stars as the evil Dr. Phineas Gorgan, a witch doctor who runs a killing business, in this Jim Haggerty-helmed chiller featuring horror babe Suzi Lorrain, “Sopranos” alum Vic Martino and centerfold Colleen Marie. From bad bosses to wandering wives, the accommodating Dr. Gorgan will take care of whoever bothers you, but the price is your soul in this sexy, scary romp from a master of the genre.

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