Horror DVD Releases – Week of September 8th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix and bestbuy)

Harper’s Island: The Complete Series (2009)
A group of friends visits a secluded island off the coast of Washington for a destination wedding — but the festivities are cut short by murder, and the guests realize they are trapped with the killer in this mystery series. The murderer claims a new victim in each episode and everyone is a suspect, forcing the survivors to figure out who is behind the sinister plot, and how they can get back to the mainland alive.

Uncharted (2009)
When their private plane crashes in the Gulf of Mexico, a documentary crew makes it to a remote island, where they spend their days in paradise while waiting for rescue. But something else is on the island, an evil, inhuman force out for blood. This terrifying film is a collection of the crew’s videotapes, found months later, that capture the carnage as it happened. Demetrius Navarro, Frank Nunez, Erlinda Orozco, and Shana Montanez star.

Rise of the Gargoyles (2009)
When American professor Jack (Eric Balfour) and his friend Carol (Tanya Clarke) explore the architectural wonders of an abandoned Parisian church, they stumble upon the nesting place of an ancient gargoyle in this suspenseful horror flick. As the gates of hell burst open, mangled corpses pile up, and Jack teams up with a television reporter (Caroline Néron) and a priest (Nick Mancuso) to stop the unholy terror.

Nightstalker (2009)
Return to a terrifying era in 1980s California, when Richard Ramirez rose to notoriety as “the Night Stalker,” a serial killer who stalked, tortured and murdered women, first in Los Angeles and later throughout the state. Authorities desperately remain one step behind the killer … until he makes a fateful error in this haunting true-crime horror film from scare master Ulli Lommel. Adolph Cortez and Elissa Dowling star.

Live Animals (2008)
After a night of partying, siblings Nick (Christian Walker) and Erin (Jeanette Comans) and a group of their college friends become prey for a diabolical human trafficker (John Still) who has one of his minions — a trapper (Patrick Cox) — hunt them down and take them hostage. Now, chained in a barn like cattle, the kids face much worse to come from their tormentor in this gruesome horror flick from director Jeremy Benson.

Hot Rod Horror (2008)
When teenage Jenny (Alexandra Gorman) and some pals follow her kid brother into a spooky old junkyard, they quickly learn why everyone avoids the place: Axel, a demonic, hot-rod-driving madman (Willy Ortlieb) with a blowtorch and a fondness for infliciting pain. Now the kids are in a fight for their lives against Axel and his lineup of classic cruisers. This offbeat independent horror flick from director Darrell Mapson co-stars Brett Gipson.

Hell House: The Book of Samiel (2008)
Terrible things have always happened in Shively house, and tonight, friends Paul (Michael Anthony Carlisi), Dani (Sheila Kraics), Sasha (Jessica Marie) and Steve (Geof Libby) will find out why. For millennia, a pagan book suppressed the house’s ancient evil, but now, that time is at an end. An unholy battle ensues as long-dormant demons declare war on Theadora (Kari Wishingrad), the last surviving member of a bloodline sworn to fight them.

Greetings (2007)
During Cathy (Mel Stephenson) and Matt’s (Matthew Reynolds) housewarming party, friends remark on the couple’s newly acquired antique table. Curiously, the piece doubles as a ouija board, which Matt and his buddies can’t help but try out. The party ends when objects begin to fly around rooms, warnings appear scrawled in blood and the guests discover they’re trapped in the house. Henry Dunn and Kirsty Cox co-star in this supernatural chiller.

Nature of the Beast (2007)
Deliriously happy soon-to-be newlyweds Rich and Julia (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Autumn Reeser) are like any other engaged couple, eagerly awaiting the big day. That could all change, however, if Julia discovers Rich’s hair-raising secret: When the moon is full, he morphs into a werewolf. Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty”) co-stars in this wacky blend of comedy, romance and horror.

Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas (2009)
When a homicidal madman begins slaying young women in the idyllic New England town of Manchvegas, it’s up to a trio of cunning local freelance businesspeople known as M.O.S. — the Manchvegas Outlaw Society — to get to the bottom of the crime spree. Meanwhile, a band of hairy forest monsters also menaces the village. This delightfully wry, low-budget comedy from director Charles Roxburgh stars Matt Farley, Marie Dellicker and Tom Scalzo.

Freddy vs. Jason Blu-ray (2003)
Rumored and anticipated for years, the two biggest icons of the slasher genre finally meet in Freddy Vs. Jason, the eighth entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street saga and the 11th film in the Friday the 13th series, though with Jason X taking place in the future, it should be noted that the events of this film take place after the ninth film Jason Goes to Hell. And it is hell where Freddy Kreuger (Robert Englund) and Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger, donning the hockey mask for the first time in a controversial snub against series veteran Kane Hodder) finally become acquainted.

Creepshow Blu-ray (1982)
Two of the most venerable names in the horror field, author Stephen King and director George A. Romero, present this anthology of original twisted tales inspired by the E.C. horror comics of the 50’s and 60’s (themselves a more direct basis for the popular Tales from the Crypt TV series). The five stories are framed within the pages of a comic book which a boy’s insensitive father has thrown in the garbage.

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