Let the Right One In Blu-ray With Commentary

the fallout from the let the right one in subtitle debacle has apparently settled with the outcry dying down since you can now find dvds with the theatrical subtitles in stores. finding blu-ray copies with proper subs has been more difficult, but my guess is they’ll shortly be as easy to find at best buy and target as the dvd version. however, during my search for a blu-ray version, i came across an interesting fact — the film was just released on blu-ray in the uk and their version has more special features than ours. most notably, the uk version contains a commentary track by director tomas alfredson and writer john lindqvist. best of all, this blu-ray is region free, so it will run in american blu-ray players. if you’re interested in owning this beautiful film on blu-ray with its creator’s insightful commentary, it can be ordered relatively cheaply through amazon.co.uk.

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