Horror Community Highlights – October 2nd, 2009

  • Film Poster Paintings from Ghana
    Ephemera Assemblyman
    I’ve never seen “Monster Evil Protact,” but based on the Ghanan artwork for it, I would certainly like to.
  • Review – Devil Hunter (Sexo Canibal)
    Horror Extreme Movie
    “If you like ‘sleaze for the sake of sleaze’ exploitation flicks then Jess Franco is a director delivered by angels.”
  • Dial “Z” For Zombie
    The Horrors of it All
    A “wickedly goofy” zombie tale from Jim Mooney
  • Jack Hill: The Exploitation and Blaxploitation Master
    The Groovy Age of Horror
    Douglass has written a solid review that also pays tribute to “the good old days of seat of your pants film making.”
  • 21st Century Terrors, Part 1: 2000
    The Vault of Horror
    This is part one of a year-by-year assessment of this decade’s horror films. The folks at the vault don’t seem all that impressed with the year 2000, but they do concede that it included such gems as Shadows of the Vampire, Ginger Snaps, Final Destination, AND American Pyscho.
  • Review of Deathbell
    Brutal as Hell
    In this horror gem from South Korea, “there’s no getting Saved by the Bell”
  • Deadline: News roundup
    The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse
    Not only is this arguably the greatest name for a website ever, they do us all the service of featuring DAILY news on all things zombie-related.

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