Horror DVD Releases – Week of November 10th, 2009

(descriptions from netflix)

Nu-Meri: Book of the New Spawn (2008)
When her friend, Nanako, dies covered in vicious fish bites and appears to be growing scales, marine bio-engineering student Mari realizes there’s more under the surface than she suspected in this shocking spine-chiller from Japan. Now, she must investigate to find out who — or what — at her school, the Pacific Institute, is involved in this new underwater threat determined to wipe out the human race.

Summer’s Moon (2009)
Visiting a rural town to find a father she’s never met, Summer (Ashley Greene) falls into a trap set by deranged serial killer Tom (Peter Mooney). Buried in an inescapable mound of dirt, Summer frantically tries to win her captor’s confidence and stay alive any way she can. Full of shocking twists and turns, this frightening horror movie also stars Barbara Niven, Stephen McHattie and Peter Michael Dillon.

The Echo (2008)
Echoes from the past plague ex-con Bobby (Jesse Bradford) when he moves into his dead mother’s apartment and begins to hear disturbing noises next door. His paranoia grows as he investigates and realizes that no one else notices the strange and sinister happenings. Director Yam Laranas favors creative lighting and suspenseful editing over special effects in this terrifying remake of his 2004 film of the same name.

Graveyard Disturbance (1987)
Accepting an easy bet from the creepy owner of the ramshackle inn where they’re laying low, five teenage shoplifters on the lam agree to spend a night in the twisting catacombs beneath a nearby church. But as soon as the young delinquents go underground, zombies and other evil creatures emerge to hunt them down. This Italian thriller from director Lamberto Bava stars Lea Martino, Gregory Lech Thaddeus, Karl Zinny, Gianmarco Tognazzi and Beatrice Ring.

Evil Face (1974)
Obsessed with repairing the damage done to his wife’s face in an accidental fire, mad Victorian scientist Nijinsky (Klaus Kinski) labors in his eerie underground lab to perfect a radical skin-grafting technique. But when he runs short on materials to conduct his experiments, he turns to unsuspecting local girls for some fresh flesh to work with. Yilmaz Duru and Sergio Garrone direct this Italian horror flick.

Intruder (2008)
When Andrew (Jack Reiling) and his troubled girlfriend, Lila (Christena Doggrell), travel to a peaceful country estate for a relaxing getaway, they unwittingly stumble into the clutches of a predatory killer who roams the dark woods near the house. Now the lovers are in for the fight of their lives as they try to elude the bloodthirsty intruder. This horror-thriller from director Gregory Caiafa also features Ryan Merrigan.

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