Horror Community Highlights – December 6, 2009

  • Dear Santa
    The Horror Section
    A Christmas wish-list that EVERY horror fan should read. And I mean right now!
  • Film Recommendations for December 4th
    Hey! Look Behind You!
    I will fully endorse any list of films that recommends both Serenity AND Troll 2.
  • Final Curtains – The Rant for Better Endings
    No Room In Hell
    “When was the law written that states every horror movie has to end in either one last jump, a dream sequence, or a final scene where the remaining characters are placed back into certain doom after the audience was falsely convinced they were safe?”
  • Mr. Johnny Sandman’s Stance on Remakes
    The Paradise of Horror
    I don’t really mind remakes, and don’t always see what all the fuss is about, but I will agree with Johnny that we need to draw the line with The Exorcist and Jaws.
  • He Knows You’re Alone
    Vegan Voorhees
    I love reviews of classic films, especially when they make me want to watch them again. This review is a case in point.
  • Silent Night, Bloody Night (Part 1 of 8)
    In It For The Kills
    This isn’t Silent Night, DEADLY Night, but you can watch the first part of a classic Christmas horror movie to put you in the proper Holiday mood.

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