Horror DVD Releases – Week of December 22nd, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Shattered Lives (2006)
Years after killing her mother when her two clown dolls advised it as a solution to her stress over keeping her mother’s (Lucia Sullivan) infidelity from her father (Jeff Zukowski), schizophrenic teen Rachel (Christina Rosenberg) has another break in the wake of a tragedy in this psychological thriller. After her beloved dad dies in a car accident, Rachel’s clowns once again come to life for her and lead her down a tragic, bloody path.

Paranormal Entity (2009)
Following Thomas Finley’s apparent slaying of his younger sister and a paranormal investigator, this home video footage surfaced, clearly revealing his family’s frighteningly real struggles with a powerful spiritual entity that haunted their house. Throughout this terrifying horror film, the Finleys gradually turn on each other and become overwhelmed by the demonic force that refuses to leave them alone.

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