Horror Community Highlights – March 11, 2010

  • The Ever-Changing Lore of Being a Vampire
    Zombies DON’T Run
    This is a list of classic rules for vampire behavior. And twinkling or being moody are not included.
  • The Lost Boy
    The Horror Section
    “Regardless of how much of a train wreck his life may have become, back when I was a kid, Corey Haim spent a lot of time on my TV screen.” I’ll second that. The Lost Boys and Silver Bullet played a part in turning me into a horror fan.
  • What I learned from Sledgehammer
    In It For the Kills
    “If a friend of yours pretends to be dead just to scare you, go ahead and kill yourself with pills or some other pleasant method like carbon monoxide with the car in the garage, because you’re going to die anyway.”
  • Remakes and Reboots I have Liked and Disliked
    Nectrotic Cinema
    This post is proof that not all remakes are bad. Case in point: Dawn of the Dead.
  • 2009 Cyber Horror Awards
    Cyber Horror Awards
    It’s like the Oscars. Only more awesome.
  • Friday the 13th Victim of the Week: Annie
    Final Girl
    “She may not have been THEEEE first victim in the Friday the 13th series, but good ol’ Annie (Robbi Morgan) was certainly the first victim to let audiences know that hey, this is Friday the effing 13th, and it ain’t no Halloween.”
  • “Where’s Alfred?”: Hitch Cameo Edition!
    The Vault of Horror
    It was classy and fun when Hitchcock made cameo appearances in his films, because he keeps it subtle. But not so much when M. Night Shyamaladingdong does it.
  • Icky Ways to Go: Waterslide + Machete
    Vegan Voorhees
    “Either way you look at it: ouch!”
  • Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface
    Retro Slashers
    A classic comic from the Fangoria archives. It was first published way back in the 80s, a.ka. the glory days of slasher films.

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