Horror Community Highlights – March 5, 2010

  • 80s Tahi Horror Movie Posters That Will Melt Your Face
    I’m partial to the one of They Live, but the ones for Evil Dead are just as awesomely strange
  • 10 Reasons Why They Live Is So Freaking Cool
    Day of the Woman
    “Roddy piper is a straight up one-lining bamf.” Amen to that, sister.
  • “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Talks They Live!
    The Vault of Horror
    This is just plain awesome. I grew up watching the guy kick ass in the ring, and then on the big screen in one of the finest horror movies of the 80s. During interviews, including this one, he’s an intelligent, well-spoken, generous guy. Thank you B-Sol!
  • Rant: The Current State of Horror Blogging
    I Love Horror
    Whether you agree with the argument or not, every horror blogger should read this post, which is part rallying cry, part manifesto.
  • Planet Comics
    The July 1945 issue of Planet Comics is entitled “The Lost World” and it reminds me a little of Dead Snow, except the Nazi-esque zombies are from another planet.
  • Horrifying Oscar Predictions!
    The folks at Kindertrauma have made Oscar predictions using an intriguing horror-themed logic.
  • Killer Tracks
    Final Girl
    A list of Stacie’s “five favorite WTF? horror movie songs.”
  • Poetic Death
    Slasher Speak
    The book is “a collection of poems told from the viewpoints of the victims of a fictional mass murderer.” It’s a terrifically clever idea, and I really wish Vince would have posted his poem appearing in the anthology (or at least a few lines of it). But I suppose I can wait until I get my hands on a copy.
  • Martyrs Movie Posters
    Final Girl
    “Still wrapping my head around Martyrs, trying to figure out what I’ll say when I finally write about it.” I can’t wait to hear what Stacie has to say about it, but until then, she’s kind enough to let us gawk at some of its bizarre and interesting posters.
  • Little Ladies Love Retro Posters
    Club Silencio
    “Giant gross men, little bodacious women.” This is the strangest collection of movie posters you’re likely to see in a long time. The folks at Club Silencio are mad geniuses for thinking of it.

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